The Change-Up (2011)

The Change-Up (2011) – Jason Bateman seems to play a lot high-strung put-upon everymen. Ryan Reynolds seems to play a lot of cocky womanizers. The Change-Up starts with them very much in these familiar roles but then the high-concept plot kicks in and they switch bodies. Now Jason Bateman is a cocky womanizer and Ryan Reynolds is the high-strung put-upon everyman. The Change-Up has some fun with this premise, as well as with a lot of gross-out humor, including a baby shitting in someone’s face, a very horny very naked and very pregnant woman, and a soft core porn shoot that’s somewhat less than erotic. Leslie Mann is also entertaining as Bateman’s wife. Olivia Wilde serves most as eye candy, but she does it well. One of these days someone will have to give her a role in a movie that requires more than just looking hot. At the heart of it though is the same sentimental sort of core that a lot of these movies have. The message seems to be ‘be grateful for what you got.” It’s an amusing film but one that’s not particularly memorable.

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