Extract (2009)

Extract (2009) – I generally enjoy Mike Judge. I just had a debate with a friend of mine on the merits of King of the Hill. I loved Idiocracy. His 2009 film Extract has some tonal similarities with his film from ten years prior, Office Space. Extract, however, is no Office Space. It has things to like about it and it did make me laugh on several occasions but something seems to be missing from it. All of the actors perform their roles well. Jason Bateman does yet another put-upon everyman role. Kristen Wiig is always good when she’s playing an actual person and not a funny voice, and Extract does use her well in that respect. Ben Affleck plays an amusing stoner with a tendency to come up with horrible ideas. Dustin Milligan is pretty funny as an idiotic gigolo. Clifton Collins Jr. is always fun to watch. Mila Kunis is hot (that’s all I really have to say about her in this movie). Like Office Space, Extract is a workplace comedy with a sort of darkly desperate tone but it just doesn’t hit the same chords. It’s kind of an indefinable quality but it’s one of those movies that seems longer than it is. It’s not awful and at times can be pretty funny but it’s lacking and I can’t really put it alongside Judge’s other live action films. Part of it may be that it’s hard to nail down a central plot. Stuff just happens and characters react to that stuff causing other stuff to happen and it all seems barely held together. I didn’t hate this movie and it did entertain me somewhat so I don’t feel right beating up on it. Then again I don’t feel right recommending it either so I can’t really do that.

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