Buck (2011)

Buck (2011) – I’m not sure how much I have to say about this movie other than that is a beautiful film and you should see it. Buck is a documentary about Buck Brannaman, a horse trainer. He has been called the real-life “horse whisperer” (and even worked on the film of that name; Robert Redford is among the people interviewed). As I understand it, the old school way of training horses was to use riding crops to beat the shit out of them until they did what you wanted them to. Buck Brannaman disagreed with this philosophy, largely because his father had pretty much the same ideas in regards to parenting. Buck found a calling with other like-minded trainers and now teaches “clinics” around the country to help people with their equine troubles. There is an essential decency to the man that comes through in every frame of the film. Watching him in action with the horses is pretty amazing. As I write this review the 2012 Oscar nominations were announced this past Monday and somehow Buck did not pick one up for Best Documentary Feature, despite being one of the best FILMS of the year period. I don’t understand how such an omission could have occurred but there’s so much I don’t understand about the Oscars. Anyway, this is a beautiful and amazing film that is worth checking out.

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