Zombieland (2009)

Zombieland (2009) — SECOND REVIEW [Blu-Ray]: This movie is pretty much tailor-made for me.  As many times as I’ve seen a nun crushing a zombie with a falling piano (in addition to the two times I’ve seen the movie it was in every single ad) I have never failed to laugh out loud.  Because that’s my type of humor: cartoony and insanely violent.  This is the second-greatest zombie comedy ever made [though it doesn’t compare to the first (which if you don’t know, I just pity you…)]. INITIAL REVIEW [Theaters]: The world needs more bloody violent comedies.  Death and dismemberment have such humor potential and to borrow this movie’s catch phrase Hollywood should “nut up or shut up” and explore that market more often.  I think the movie’s trailer poses the ultimate test of whether or not someone will like this movie: does the idea of a nun crushing a zombie with a piano make you laugh?  If yes, this is your movie.  If not, go see Julie & Julia because here there be monsters.  If you saw Little Miss Sunshine and thought to yourself “I’d love see that adorable little girl shoot an undead hell-spawn in the face” this is your movie.  If you want to see Woody Harrelson play the biggest badass in his career of playing total badasses, this is your movie.  If you don’t find Jessie Eisenberg annoying yet (he’s cool for now, but I swear to God people are going to get sick of him the way they did Michael Cera if he doesn’t start playing some different roles) then this is your movie.  If you find the sensual allure of Emma Stone to be enough to compensate for her acting, this is your movie (she’s not awful or anything, but I think she’s just kind of playing the smart & tough hot girl stock character… again).  If you like unadvertised cameos by comedy legends, this is your movie (provided you’re not too invested in the well-being of those legends).  No, this is not the American second coming of Shaun of the Dead.  The entirety of this movie doesn’t even measure up to the first half hour of that brilliant masterpiece (which I suddenly feel like watching again…), but is damn good blood-soaked fun.  If you like a gory good time at the movie with plenty of laughs, this is your movie.

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