Saw IV (2007)

Saw IV (2007) — So Saw was a good movie that seemed to come out of nowhere and Saw II was better than anyone expected a horror sequel to be.  After that the series got progressively more and more idiotic (although the hilariously half-assed attempts by Saw VI at cultural relevance added a level of entertainment value).  Saw IV is hardly the best or worst film the series has to offer.  It just sort of is what it is.  The way certain plot devices are introduced several films before they pay off means someone is actually thinking ahead with these movies, but the end result proves that they aren’t thinking very hard.  The editing is fast enough to provoke seizures and the acting (especially by Costas Mandylor) is just awful.  But that’s not why there are 6 films.  The reason people keep seeing these movie is because the characters get all sorts of fucked up in all sorts of gruesome-ass ways.  This movie definitely delivers on that front, so only you can judge whether or not that qualifies as a recommendation.  Amusingly enough I watched this movie with a friend who covered her eyes and screamed during all the gory parts.  The twist: she’d seen all three of the previous films, LIKED them, and it was HER idea to watch this movie which, when it was over, she ALSO liked.  Further proof that I will never quite understand the fairer sex, but it’s an interesting experience anyway.

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