Frozen (2010)

Frozen (2010) — Director Adam Green made the movie Hatchet with the tagline “Old School American Horror” and it very much followed the 80s slasher formula.  For Frozen, he seems to have gone a more realistic “holy fuck if that happened to me I would be so fucking dead” direction.  The plot of the film is that three skiers stay late at a ski resort and through some plausible-seeming mix-ups get stuck on a ski lift. It’s Sunday and the resort doesn’t reopen until Friday.  Think about what you’d do in that situation.  Whatever you thought they probably try it and it doesn’t go well.  Especially when you factor in the pack of wolves that shows up.  Given the confined nature of the location a lot of time is spent on character development and you get to know the three stuck people well enough that you don’t want them to die, but the very nature of the movie tells you that it won’t turn out well for at least a couple of them.  The suspense is very well-done and Frozen is definitely worth checking out.

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  1. sharon t dixon says:

    were can I find thjs movie I have starz on xbox one and netflix an hbo can’t find it anywhere

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