Attack the Block (2011)

Attack the Block (2011) – I’d been hearing about Attack the Block for a while before I got around to seeing it. Most of what I was hearing was that it was a phenomenal alien invasion flick from the U.K. that was being unfairly under-marketed in the U.S. Plus it’s produced by Edgar Wright (and features Nick Frost!) so that sure as hell doesn’t hurt. Well, after seeing it I don’t quite agree that it’s one of the all-time greatest films ever like some people did but it is a damn fun flick that has inventive visuals and a clever script. The film starts with a group of young men mugging a poor nurse (Jodie Whittaker) coming home from work. The mugging is interrupted by something falling from the sky and crushing a nearby car. Moses, the leader of the gang (John Boyega), looks into the car and gets his face scratched by an alien. He decides to kill it. Later its friends show up. The gang suddenly has to defend their housing project from aliens that are basically big black shapes with fluorescent teeth. They also have to deal with a drug dealer (Jumayn Hunter) who feels wronged by them. The characterizations of the kids in the gang (Alex Esmail, Leeon Jones, Simon Howard, Franz Drameh) flesh them out as real characters, gradually made more sympathetic after being introduced in an unfriendly light. John Boyega is a real find as a young actor, and it’s no surprise he already has projects lined up, working with the likes of Spike Lee. Caution for Americans (which, until WordPress informed me otherwise, I had assumed to be 100% of my readership): the inner city London accents are pretty thick so you might need subtitles. Anyway, Joe Cornish has made a very impressive directorial debut and I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

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