Glee – “I Am Unicorn”

Glee – “I Am Unicorn

Tonight was one of those nights that actually gave me hope for Glee. It didn’t feel like candy-coated “you can do it!” pep rally the show has deteriorated into. Then again it didn’t quite recapture its initial cynical streak either. Kurt’s confronted with the fact that the way he is (not just gay, but reaching a level of flaming that would melt the ice caps) might be something of a drawback as an ACTOR. Then his dad tells him something inspirational or whatever so rather than learning a lesson about the harsh reality of the world he just shines on like the crazy diamond he is.

We’ve also got the whole Quinn thing. I get that people are worried about her and the whole self-destructive tendencies thing but why is everyone ragging on her look? She pulls off the pink hair and nose ring pretty well, I think, but by the end of the episode she’s back to the old model (bizarre sociopathic scheming and all). She wants full custody of her kid now? Her character is written without much consistency. That’s kind of the problem with Glee as a show really.

Other things happened this week too but honestly a couple hours later it’s all fading to a blur. Idina Menzel came back as Rachel’s birth mom and also the adoptive mother of Puck and Quinn’s baby. That’s going to cause friction because why the hell not (see above re: Quinn’s sociopathic schemeing). Sue’s campaign for Congress does nothing for me as a storyline. She said one of her opponents is a Republican/pizza magnate so I can’t help but wonder if some Herman Cain mockery is forthcoming. As a crazy left-wing liberal I’m always down to see GOP Presidential candidates mocked but I really don’t know enough about Cain for that to pay off much.

After the water-treading weirdness of the second season I’m not really sure what this show needs to do to get me to stop watching. I seem to complain about it every week. The thing is I still enjoy things about it. Brittany’s one-liners of stupidity are always good for a laugh (and she ain’t bad to look at either). Every now and then they really do some great musical numbers (though none tonight really stuck out for me). Sitting through tonight’s I did get the feeling that they were swinging away from things I really haven’t liked in the past year or so. The question I guess is are they moving towards something I like more?


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