American Horror Story – “Pilot”

American Horror Story – “Pilot

What… the… fuck…? I’m not sure just what the hell I watched. I think it might have been one of the crappiest pilots I’ve ever seen that still has a lot of potential for a series. I’ve seen far crappier to be sure, but none that plant so many potentially compelling seeds that may or may not grow into anything. American Horror Story is from Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, who are two of the guys behind Glee one of the most tonally bipolar shows on television right now. That doesn’t exactly bode well for American Horror Story improving. So there is a family, damaged by the father’s recent marital infidelity. There’s the wife (Connie Briton from Spin City and Friday Night Lights) who has a miscarriage, and by the end of the episode finds herself pregnant (possibly by a ghost in a gimp suit… don’t ask). There the house keeper who is played by Six Feet Under matriarch Frances Conroy, EXCEPT when she’s in the presence of the husband (Dylan McDermott) where she appears as a younger hotter woman (Alexandra Breckinridge) ready to jump his bones. There’s the neighbor (a peculiar Jessica Lange) who threatens to kill Conroy “AGAIN” and has a developmentally disabled daughter (I looked it up and imdb says it’s actress Bianca Lawson but that can’t be right) who ominously portends about bad things happening to people. There’s a bully (Shelby Young) who tries to force the main family’s teenage daughter (Taissa Farmiga) to east a cigarette because… um, I’ll be honest, I’ve got no fucking clue what that was about. There’s the disturbed young man (Evan Peters from Kick-Ass) who has violent school shooting fantasies set to Bernard Herrman’s “Twisted Nerve.” There’s Denis O’Hare (Russell Edgington from True Blood) sporting Two Face burns warning about how the house made him kill his family (his character has brain cancer so hopefully that will free him up for Russell’s return on that show, which has a much better understanding of how to handle tone). There may be some feral creature in the basement that the disturbed young man uses to frighten the bully. Basically there’s a whole lot of “what the fuck?” Nothing comes together right now and there’s just a discordant arrangement of scenes that have no real relationship to one another. There’s enough to hook a horror aficionado such as myself but this has to gel into something coherent or it’s going to lose its audience, diehard horror fans or not.

2 Responses to “American Horror Story – “Pilot””
  1. Rosie says:

    Nah bianca lawson is abby one of the bullies checked multiple links

  2. jaykbroox says:

    I cannot believe I still watch this show three years later. It has a weird way of being kind of awful but never boring and sometimes kind of great. It’s a weird hybrid but it pulls it off so why the hell not.

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