Conan series

This article was originally published on on 19 August 2011. I was just talking the other day with my friend Allison about books people expect you to have read (and how they are taken aback if you haven’t). There are millions of books out there and only so much time in the day. People … Continue reading

Scream series

Slasher flicks thrived in the 1980s but a couple years into the 1990s the horror genre was in a noticeable decline. A screenwriter named Kevin Williamson decided that he wanted the final word on the slasher subgenre. He wrote a screenplay that was simultaneously a parody of and loving tribute to classic flicks like Halloween … Continue reading

The Doom Generation (1995)

The Doom Generation (1995) — Oh, the 90s… Remember the 90s? Indie cinema in the 90s was kind of a mixed bag. I kind of liked The Doom Generation. It doesn’t really go anywhere but that might be what I like about it. Stuff happens and I guess it sort of builds but I’m not … Continue reading